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Winner, in her 8 month pregnancy!

This is a short sms from Dania to reveal a huge victory. She passed the driving test in one go with 97%, in her 8 month pregnancy! A perfect gift for the coming baby boy that he does to have to go out in buses only!
About a month ago she brought to us a test sheet with 77% and 5 Fail Items, which she did it by herself before joining the school. Everyone can tell it was too far away from passing.

Our 1st Filo Principal Award Winner!

Congratulations to Abie who passed the driving test in 1 go today in Silverwater, scoring 99 out of 104 (95.2%). She failed the driving test 2 years ago and only determined to get the freedom recently and found the right school. What a huge difference before and after training!
She is the 1st Filo Principal Award Winner (scored 95%+ in 1st go, so she may refer 2 persons to our school for a free lesson, and won a small prize).
We are sure  more Principal Award Winners to come.

Why she is holding a $50 note?

We have a small group of Philippino girls in the school and we love them dearly, so we offered them a special cash prize — who gets the license in the new financial year would get $50 cash, and here is the winner–April! She got a 94.4% in the 1st go!

nothing is impossible!

Thank You Will for the excellent coaching and all the encouragement. And to all those out there who fail on your 1st attempt, IF AT FIRST YOU DON’T SUCCEED, TRY AGAIN, JUST DON’T GIVE UP. I didn’t pass on my first try, but 2 weeks later i passed with 95%, and while it is disappointing to fail, it makes you a better driver, and with great coaching and encouragement nothing is impossible!


A Major Battle won over driving fears!

Many learners have fear for driving. And for some, FEAR is a huge beast too big to defeat.

Shyama moved to NSW from QLD. She did 4 driving tests in QLD, quite experienced in driving tests, but only brought home disappointments.

Very logically, knowing NSW’s standards are higher than the sunshine state, anyone can imagine how she feels. Not much hope, a lot of fear, isn’t it? She would be lucky enough to pass the very scary NSW driving test the 5th time, getting merely 90% pass mark.

Dad of 2 got it in Castle Hill today!

A father of two gorgeous angels got his freedom for the whole family today at Castle Hill RMS. He was so happy that he shook my hand for 3 times. I should thank him for not kissing me!

Thats why I love my job so much and there is no price tag for it!

Another Winner today — 96% in driving test, 1st attempt!

Dave from Greystanes passed the driving test today at Blacktown RTA (RMS) with 96%.

Another great example of “teamwork makes dream work”.

A good driver or a good school is not by talking, but by DOING. :=)

Happy Day!

Congrats to Harry who passed yesterday at silverwater, and got a 95%.

On top of that, the test lady praised him that “I wish all the learners are like you, you did so well”! In fact, he got full marks for Position, Decision, Responding to Hazards, and controls, only lost 5 points for Speed for driving a bit slow. He could have got a full mark.

As his coach, I am certainly over the moon to hear that.

It was a happy day for many of us in the school!

5th Principal Award Winner–best test score in rain!

James from North Rocks passed his driving test in Blacktown today in the rain and got 97% (101 out of 104), and becomes our 5th Principal Award Winner–our best test score in rain!

He has been saying “You are such a good teacher, and I enjoyed working with you!”

So I better believe it.

Our 1st Female Principal Award Winner–97% in 1 go!

Who said girls are worse drivers?
Hours of fears, struggles, excitement, disappointment¡­all came to triumph for Janice.
Now she knows, she is a much better driver for life! Look at her big smile¡­

Bikkie converted in 10 hours

Fed up by driving in the cold rain, Corey converted himself from bikkie to car license in just 10 hours, and became our 4th Principal Award winner ¡ª 98% in his 1st driving test!

Laurice you are a Miracle!–25 hours all up

Are 25 hours of training from new a lot ? Not really, the younger ones are talking about 120 hours.

Laurice did 14 lessons of training in this school, plus a couple more hours of home training, thats what it took Laurice to get the license!

Oh, don’t forget, Laurice is one of the top golfers in Sydney, and she has top golf coach and driving coach too!

Can anyone beat that?– 99% (100 out of 101) in driving test!

The birth day present just in time — Leni’s birthday is the coming Sat, yes the Christmas Eve!

So what can be a better present? Look at her big smile…

Also, anyone wants to beat that has to be the full mark, this is really a record of our school, too hard to be broken!

Congratulations to Leni!

Congrats to Sandeep, what a Christmas Gift!

Sandeep wanted to share his joy with more people, the freedom meant so much to him!

Thank you Will you are the best!

I passed my driving test today and I still can’t believe it!

Before joining auto1 Driving School, I have never believed that I would one day get my P, at least not the 1st go. I overheard how difficult it is from people around.

I have been with 3 instructors in total and Will is simply the best. I just wish that I could have joined this school from the beginning. Will has always been calm, patient, humourous and encouraging. Read More-->

Thank you for help and support

Dear Will and Tracey,

I don't have enough words to describe how grateful I am for helping me to  pass from the 1st go my driving test today with 95%  score at Blacktown RTA!:)
To Tracey - for her exceptional organizational skills structuring lesson hours for me  despite I called in the last minute, just 4 days before the test!
To Will - for polishing my skills in just 3 hours and  giving me great tips for the driving test.
Will is not only very skilled and experienced instructor but also very friendly and supportive.
I recommend to anyone who wants to be a good  and safe driver ( not only passing the test ) to call Will!
Once again, MANY THANKS :) !

Bistra from Blacktown

Thank you from Rita

Dear Will
I hope you  remember me, this is Rita  from Blacktown,
I was taking driving lessons from you.and got my full driving licence from Blacktown RTA
My apology for delay sending you email because i had exams and then i went overseas for 1 month,
I wanted to share my driving experience with you,
Will you are just amazing,/ great!!!!!

Boy and Girl passed in the HEAVY rain today!

Lucy and Ken both passed in the heavy rain today, in Blacktown and Castle Hill RTA, both got 93%, it shows that the quality training works well with adverse driving conditions too.

Pretush also passed yesterday in Silverwater, so this week we have 4 students passed their final exams (driving tests), we are happy and sad to see them off!

Michele and Stella passed while I was away

Michelle passed at 106 and Stella passed 111, congratulations to both of them!

Greetings from our 1st Principal Award winner

Hi Will
Just want to say Merry Xmas

On my green ps now, this taught me to be much more cautions on the road, I still remember the basics of maintaining safe distance and looking far ahead.
My dad recently lost his car because some reckless motorcyclist sped past my dad’s car near my house. Luckily my dad wasn’t injuried, but the motorcyclist was taken to hospital. this has taught me to never taken chances if you cannot see properly, you only have one live

sorry to bore you with this but I just want to express my gratitude for what youre doing.

This is reflected on all those great stories on ur blog.

Hope you have a safe and happy holiday!


I passed my P’s test

Hey I did I lesson with you back on the 24/10 you said to let you know how I go with my p’s test, I passed… Thank you for your help!

Good News!

Hi Will good news! I passed the test today with 95% today, thank you so muchhhh!!! Agnes

Really owe u a lot

Hi Will.. Thanks a lot.. Really owe u a lot.. I may have taken 3 attempts but finally made it.. Thanks for still having faith in me every time.. I really appreciate your help n guidance.. It means a lot to me.. I will definitely remember all you have taught me.. Thanks a lot!!

Two girls passed in Silverwater

Hi Will passed today with 97%, thank u so much will.Im so glad I joined ur school. Will it was’t possible without ur assistance thanks so much.
- Janni

Hi will just want to share the gd news to u I pass my driving test today done it at auburn thanks very much for ur help.
- Yan

Two more recent driving test winners

I passed the driving test today with a score of 110, without your help I don’t think I can make it, thank you so much!

Just passed the test with a score of 106, thanks for the driving lessons

Yes He got it this week

A short note from a mom tha made my day:
Yes he got it this week. Very proud. Thank you

I got my P’s today — 96.5%

Hi Will, it’s Hannah from Pendle Hill. Just wanted to let you know I got my P’s today. Thank you for all your help and prayers!
(she got 111 out of 115  in the driving test )

She’s got it!

To follow up the girls story who paid the ex instructor too much, she passed at 93% after 3 hours training!
I could hear her joy over the phone and she must be over the moon.

Our 1st FULL MARK student in driving test!!!

Srisuda (please click to listen to her happy voice)
Wow! we got our 1st full mark student last Fri 13/4/2012, what a day to remember!
I am sure more to come this year…

Another Principal Award Winner–100 out of 103 in driving test!

Congrats to Abir who passed the driving test in one go today at Blacktowm RTA,scored 100 out of 103.
Hours of dedicated training paid off in one go!

Two more students get over 95% in driving tests!

Min from Blacktown got 101 out of 104 in a Jan test, and Rachel from Toongabbie got 103 out of 106 in Feb, both only lost 3 points in the test, well done and congrats!

Congrats to our 1st Principal Award Winner–97.3% (107 out of 110) in Driving Test!

Today is one of my happiest day in life! May I share why.

Michael from Sydney passed the driving test at 97.3% (107 out of 110) earlier today at Silverwater RTA. If you know so many people out there trying so hard but failed to get the 90% passmark, you know what a great achievement this is! Put it this way, his instructor only got 95% in the same standard test, and I don’t think the RTA test officer can get this score for himself…Michael has to be the best driver in his suburb!

How he got this? No secret, its hours of dedicated training with a great driving school. His loving family also played an important role in the 120 hour training.

I may be biased but I am certainly over the moon!

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