Two passed one go on Monday

Congrats to Harsh and Olesia


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday P driving test all first go pass!

Congratulations to Cherry for passing in Castle Hill today

Not easy but it finally came as it should be. Cherry did well in training sections and she passed our mock test once, however she did not do well in the first test for being too nervours, and without another lesson she passed the second time straight away.

It tells us 1) try not to be nervours in test 2) more imprtantly, trained to the required level, and no one can stop you forever.

Be a friend of driving, and driving will be a friend to you!

It’s obvious to everyone to “be driver freindly”, if we want to train ourselves to be good drivers.

But common sense is often not common and I have found a good number of learners in our school who are oblivious and unaware of the basic knowledge when it comes to driving, rather than being actively aware.

For example, some of our students don’t know their family car’s brand so when I ask them whether their car runs on petrol or diesel, the answer is “I don’t know”. Would you call this group of people “driver friendly”? How difficult it is to guide their learning progress to achieve the required driving test level?

Yes, I know, although the driving test does not examine how to re-fuel, and yes, as a driving school we can teach everything about driving. But I truly feel sorry for them, for missing out on their opportunity of being a true driver.

So if you happen to belong to such group, I do encourage you to change your mindset and behaviour, start learning one thing a day about your car/driving. Become a friend of driving, and driving will be a friend to you!


Here is a list a questions to test if you are a freind of driving. If you are unsure about more than 3 of them, you might not be a friend of driving, and you could feel driving is against you:

1. Do I know the brand/model of the car I am driving? (this car can be the driving school’s car if you don’t have one yet)

2. Does this car run on petrol or dissel?

3. When you turn the steering wheel, how many wheels of the car are actually turning (1, 2, 3 or 4)?

4. What colour are the lights for brake, turning signal and reversing?

5. Is your car a hatch back, sedan, station wagon, or SUV?

6. Do I know how to turn on/off the air-conditioning?

7. Do I know how to turn on/off the hazards light (when all the turning signal lights are flashing)?

8. Do I need to always wait for green arrows when I am turning at traffic light intersections?


1~3 unsure: pretty good

4~8 unsure: Not a friend of driving, yet



A New School record

Our proven training system is, after quality training lessons, students would have learnt the required skill areas, and we would do some mock tests inside the school to see their PERFORMANCE as if it’s real P test, and most people would not pass the first one, then they took time to fix the issues identified in the mock tests, made the list shorter and shorter, and they would pass the mock test, then the real P test without surprise.

While the system has proven itself again and again, in a whole year, if we have 2~3 students passed their first mock tests, we are over the moon!

And the funny fact is, they all failed the second mock test due to unknown reasons, its been like a curse (lol) we wanted to break! I have been dreaming, what if someone can break this “curse” and passed tow mock tests in a row.

She came finally! On 30th January 2019, after only 6 hours of training, M passed two mock tests in a row even I tried my best to find any major fault in her driving, and I could not find one. Both tests she ccored the same high score 96%, very stable and consistent performance.

M is no doubt highly talented in driving, and I am happy that our training system can cater for the talented and not so tanlented, making our neighbourhood better one step at a time.


Planning 2 months ahead for your driving test bookings

Now 2019 has come. I am sure many of you planning to nail your drivers license test this year and making it a milestone. Good on you! Here are some tips on booking your test that will help to increase your chances of success.

You need to know that if you book today, any good slots are about 3 weeks away for the DKT, HPT, and P driving Tests. There will never be any good slots available next week, so don’t even think booking your test tomorrow :=).

For example, if you are ready to attempt your P test as a local 18 year old who just finished your 120 hours for the log book (phew!) or above the age of 25 without the need for a logbook, you must book and pass the HPT (Hazards Perception Test), before you can even book your P test. So make sure you book the HPT and attempt it 3 weeks later. If  you are smart and prepared enough to nail it in one go, then you can finally book the P test here you will be able to find a good time slot (non school zone time) in about 3~4 weeks away. So very easily, 2 months are gone, and that assumes you nail everything one go. In case you messed up anywhere, please be prepared to add another 3 weeks at least. So planing up to 2 months ahead is essential for you to achieve your goal.

For those who have overseas licenses, you may skip the HPT, however you must pass the DKT (Drivers Knowledge Test) before you can book the P driving test. The bad news is, a good number of our students with overseas licenses are not recognised by the RMS and must present a confirmation letter from the overseas authorities, typically by their embassy. Or for some Indian licenses, their surnames on the licenses are different from their passports, requiring them to spend much of their time and money rectifying and fixing the issue. Because of this, some students simply give up, and do it the local way: DKT, HPT, P test before getting their red P’s. No matter which way you choose, you need TIME and lots of it. So once again, plan ahead.

And don’t forget, test booking is one thing,  the test readiness (your driving skill) is the real key to pass the test. So letting professionals who know the process inside out to guide you along the way will be paramount to your success.  We look forward to another fruitful year together.



Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you!

We have achieved a lot in 2018, and look forward to an even greater 2019!

Merry Christmas! 99% passed driving test yesterday

First attempt high score pass, we’ve done it again!

The Story of Sara — from a scared, little chick to a technical and confident driver

I hope Sara’s story may inspire more learners to overcome their driving anxieties.

Her story gets stuck in my mind for long periods of time, that I feel compelled to write it down in hopes that it can benefit all those similar to Sara. The reason that I keep thinking about her, is that her story seems to repeat again and again but through different people battling their own anxieties, similar to Sara’s.

Sara started her first driving lesson with us in mid December 2014, while she was living around Carlingford back then. Soon she felt satsified with our teching methods and proceeded to refer her friend to our school.  The funny thing is, her friend quickly and happily passed her driving test while she was still in the middle of a dark tunnel.

Many of her struggles came from her overbearing and significantly higher levels of anxieties when it came to driving. She seemed to have many worries, but was unable to scan successfully (awareness and analysis of surrounding environment), therefore her driving felt unnatural, crooked and forced somehow. For example even if there was another car on left side of the road, she would not hesitate to move left. We tried our best to correct her way of “driving”, and though she made progress, the whole learning process felt slow and difficult. After 12 hours of training, we managed to “finish” the skills content and started one or two mock tests in which she did not score well. Ignoring our advice not to attempt the P test, she went ahead and failed to no one’s surprise.

She took a break after the fail, and contacted us after two months. We suggested that she should do the test at Blacktown, which should generally be easier for her. She did two more lessons, without much improvement, and she stopped training again.

Three months later, I almost forgot about her until she suddenly contacted us saying that she already book the test at Blacktown next week, and just wanted a lesson before the test. I really doubted that she could pass after one lesson but I arranged the lesson anyway. In the lesson she turned out to be very logical and rational in her decisions regarding the driving environment and drove just as she was trained to. I felt confident in her driving, and she looked like a complete stranger to me. She passed with no question the week after.

Sara told me, she just suddenly clicked about the true driving I had been talking about since lesson one. So I guess the credits should go to her for overcoming her own anxieties of driving.

If you have similar situation of Sara, I want you to believe that you can do it, at the right timing and with the right help.


What you bring to your driving test?

On your D day you would need to bring the well rested you and your driving skills. Paperwork wise, depending on your status, you would need:

A.  Under 25, no overseaes license

Logbook, L license, extra ID (medicare card, bank cards etc)


B. Over 25, no overseas license

L license, extra ID (medicare card, bank cards etc)


C. Over 25, overseas License

This is the most complicated group.

You would need your overseas license, NSW learner licnese if you have; if no L licnese, you must bring NSW Photo ID, or Passport as your ID. Overseas license is not a valid ID in NSW, without valid photo ID can cause the test to be terminated early (basically the test not going ahead).  Extra ID (medicare card, bank cards etc) is always recommended.

Furthermore, from time to time, they ask you for a confirmation letter for your overseas license from the embassy, so please contact RMS well ahead to see if you need one. And submit it only the same centre you doing test. This will save you the potential trouble on test day.


D. Under 25, overseas license

This is not a popular group, please clarify with RMS before coming. You may still need the logbook hours. Or they may allow you to do the test, but if you fail, you go to the same 120 hour logbook system. We are not sure at this stage.