Congrats to Victoria and Ram for passing driving P test one go!

2nd one-go-pass this week, 98%, congrats to Sarscha!

Immediate loss of licence for all drink drivers fron 20th May 2019

From May 20 drink drivers who are first-time, lower range offenders will receive an immediate three month licence suspension and fine of $561. “This means anyone caught drink‐driving in NSW, at any level, including low-range, can now lose their licence immediately,” Mr Constance said.

More detail please refer to:

While full license holders may still drink “a little bit” before driving, it’s very hard to control how not to exeed the limit, so it might be more practical not to drink at all before driving, my personal advice, and this is the approach I will take for myself to avoid complications.


Another one go pass as usual I am very thankful

Congratulations to Jessica!


Two more driving test passes today! Keep it on!

Congratulations to Ildephonse and Neeraj.

Congrats to Irvin for passing driving test 97%

Congratulations to Kelly 95% pass P driving test

“Stop Sign” is to “stop for 3 seconds”?

If someone taught you that you needed to stop 3 seconds at a stop sign and charged you money, you may consider asking for your money back…

I have worked with dozens of students who went to another school and paid money to learn this, but they only remembered to count “1,2,3″, without even stopping (this will fail the whole P test)!

Here is the simple way to handle the “stop” sign — simply STOP (completely), right before the solid line. No more, no less.

More info from  the “Road Users Handbook” as per the pic attached, you may download the whole rule book for free from this link:

Two passed one go on Monday

Congrats to Harsh and Olesia


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday P driving test all first go pass!