We are moving forward in the Pandemic

We have been open during the pandemic and we are doing well.

Pre-cautions must be excercised though, here are what we do:

1) We ask those who just come back from overseas within 14 days, or who are feeling unwell, NOT to come to the in car lessons;

2) We ask thosed who have the symptoms of cough, fever, runny nose, shortnessof breath or other symptoms of respiratory illness NOT to come to the in car lessons;

3) We ask those who may have been in contact with a confirmed or possible Covid-19 cases in the last 14 days NOT to come to the in car lessons;

4) The instructor will wear face masks during in car lessons, and we can provide one for our clients on request;

5) We provide hand sanitiser for free

6) We use sanitising wipes to clean the car between each lesson;

7) Our car’s windows will remain open during in car lessons.


I hope by working together we can move forward from the shadow of the Pandemic together.

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