Common give way rules, and, is 3 sec enough?

When there is a possibility that two or more vehicles from different directions might encounter, give way rules apply. Common sense here, no possibility to encounter,  no give way, e.g. you are going ahead, and a vehicle from right turning left .

There are two layers of give way, one is who goes first; another one is, how far away is safe enough. Let’s talk about who goes first, then safe gap later. Here are the common give way situations and rules:

T sections: The road ending to give way (unless sign posted differently)

+Cross sections: The sides with lines in front to give way

Roundabouts: Slow down and give way to the vehicles already in the roundabout



Traffic lights: Red lights – stop; Green lights, go if safe;  Blinking yellow lights: go with cautions; Stable Yellow lights: stop if safe. The arrow lights are for turning vehicles to follow only, if you are not turning, don’t follow arrow lights. You don’t need arrows to turn, round green lights allow you to turn as long as safe to do so (turning right on round green lights must give way to oncoming vehicles).




If anything above confuses you, please book a lesson asap for your safety and others. In real life driving, you have only a short moment to make decisions and any confusion could cause great danger and undesirable outcomes.


After discussing who goes first, lets talk about that if I need to give way, how far away the other vehicle is enough for me to go safely. Quite often we see other people cut us in dangerously, and this discussion and execution will make sure you avoid doing such a dangerous thing.

The 3 second gap is only safe to use when the other vehicle is NOT going same direction with your car.






When the other vehicle is going the same direction with you, you must add on the time for you to speed up from 0 kmh to 50~60 kmh, usually taking another 5 seconds, so the safe gap must be 3+5=8 seconds from your car.

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