Driving Tips

Lesson Zero: What is driving really?

In my daily life of teaching driving, I have found that a good number of learners are “driving” but not really driving. They tend to unnecessarily learn slower than usual, simply because they have an incorrect concept about “driving”. If [...]

Should I hire driving school’s car for P driving test?

I got asked this question quite often, so I think it’s time to talk about it for future clients to make informed decisions. So you have a car, you think you are good enough to tackle the P test, and [...]

Another one go pass as usual I am very thankful

Another one go pass as usual I am very thankful

Congratulations to Jessica!  

“Stop Sign” is to “stop for 3 seconds”?

“Stop Sign” is to “stop for 3 seconds”?

If someone taught you that you needed to stop 3 seconds at a stop sign and charged you money, you may consider asking for your money back… I have worked with dozens of students who went to another school and [...]

Be a friend of driving, and driving will be a friend to you!

It’s obvious to everyone to “be driver freindly”, if we want to train ourselves to be good drivers. But common sense is often not common and I have found a good number of learners in our school who are oblivious [...]

Planning 2 months ahead for your driving test bookings

Now 2019 has come. I am sure many of you planning to nail your drivers license test this year and making it a milestone. Good on you! Here are some tips on booking your test that will help to increase [...]

The Story of Sara — from a scared, little chick to a technical and confident driver

I hope Sara’s story may inspire more learners to overcome their driving anxieties. Her story gets stuck in my mind for long periods of time, that I feel compelled to write it down in hopes that it can benefit all [...]

What you bring to your driving test?

On your D day you would need to bring the well rested you and your driving skills. Paperwork wise, depending on your status, you would need: A.  Under 25, no overseaes license Logbook, L license, extra ID (medicare card, bank [...]

This is where we live and drive

This is where we live and drive

Seeing this picture, we know it’s not the only one in our neighbourhood, among us are some imperfect drivers. This means, very simple, we not only need to do our basic skills well, also we need to be able to [...]

Trying to be safe can be dangerous!

While it sounds tricky, I know this by experience. Many new drivers, even some experienced drivers, make their driving dangerous by trying to be safe. Their driving is only full of good intentions, without the most valuable element for safe [...]