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I passed my driving test first go with 97 percent score. Will is quite an experienced and a friendly instructor who greatly helped me drive flawlessly, during and outside the test. I strongly recommend Auto 1 Driving school over others
admin | 29/11/2019


Just passed last Monday!!! 'May not be "A First Go" but I passed!" You just gotta drive and believe in yourself and pay attention to Will all the time during the lesson!
Highly recommended!!!
admin | 29/11/2019


I am happy that I chose this school. Will is a very experienced instructor and a very good person. He was very patient and gave me all the detailed instructions.
All information is presented in an easy and understandable form.
I am so glad that I did choose him.
admin | 29/11/2019


If you are looking for an instructor who knows "HOW TO DRIVE", Will is the one you will need to find and choose as your instructor. Thanks for your help, Will.
admin | 29/11/2019


I had been through several driving schools before I contacted William. He is the first instructor who started teaching in a way that makes sense. Instead of depending on senses and feeling, he gave me logical ways to perform common driving tasks. With his help I was able to get my P's. Pricing also is very reasonable . I highly recommend Auto1 Driving school. William is such an amazing instructor!
admin | 29/11/2019


Thanks to William for all your help and training while working towards my license.
admin | 28/11/2019


I recently took a safe driving lessons from Auto1 driving school. Will was the instructor and I must say i am impressed with the way of teaching, giving practical tips and taking to realistic scenarios and let you play around and decide the best way to handle. Overall confidence level has become much better and worth the money spent ! I would highly recommend Auto1 driving school for anyone who would like to learn safe driving !!
admin | 28/11/2019


It was a wonderful experience with William, great human, indeed a perfect instructor with great knowledge on four wheeler rules and handling, he doesn't guide just to pass the test instead to become a responsible driver!! :-)
admin | 19/8/2018


Will is very professional and good instructor. Will many years' experience as a driving instructor, I have learnt a lot from him. And I got my Red P with enough confidence to drive in the future!
admin | 19/8/2018


Will is very professional and able instructor. His ability to simplify complex concepts is a standout feature. His mantra of "keeping things simple and safe while driving" was the backbone of my success during my driving test. About professionalism, Will was always on top of things with prompt communication. Overall, good value for my money. Thanks a lot Will. Way to go!
admin | 19/8/2018
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