Our 1st Female Principal Award Winner–97% in 1 go!

who said girls are worse drivers?

Hours of fears, struggles, excitement, disappointment…all came to triumph for Janice.

Now she knows, she is a much better driver for life! Look at her big smile…

Stand up all traffic accident victims!

Very unusually, we took on 2 students who were accidents victims just in one week.

Student A’s family car was hit by a red light runner, which put her off learning driving for 4 years, and she still feels very nervous 4 years later when learning driving in our school. The pain and the shadow just do not seem to go away. You think 4 years a long time? please read on…

Student B had a horrible accident with family 24 years ago when she was only 16, and only her son got her back to driving 24 years later! — she is already a 40 year old woman.

Our son also had an accident early this year, hit by a car from behind. He is a tough boy, did not even cry to have injection with doctor when he was a baby. When I knew he had the accident, I cancelled all lessons that day and went straight to rescue him. I saw my tough boy in total shock after the accident without any physical injury. My heart was broken into pieces. I first time, first hand realise how accidents can affect people psychologically much more than any physical injury.

We had a lot to share in common with those 2 students about accidents, and encourage them to stand up from the accidents, leave the past behind, be the example of a good driver in town, be part of the driving force to make Sydney a bit better…and may I extend the invitation to all who had accidents and feel too afraid to drive again–stand up and be part of the GOOD driving force!

Another Principal Award Winner–100 out of 103 in driving test!

Congrats to Abir who passed the driving test in one go today at Blacktowm RTA,scored 100 out of 103.

Hours of dedicated training paid off in one go!

A happy mother said…it made my day!

Hi, I would just like to thank Will. My daughter undertook her first driving lesson yesterday -to which I was a bit apprehensive…. It my total surprise, she very much enjoyed the lesson and cannot wait for the next one next week. I would like to confirm that I will be booking the 10 hour package and will have payment next Wednesday for Will. Thank you very much!

The NEW Yaris joins the school!

The brand new latest shape Yaris is introduced into the fleet, and loved by students in the 1st week trial. They are all saying its smooth and easy to control. This is just part of our efforts to provide the best for our students!

Two more students get over 95% in driving tests!

Min from Blacktown got 101 out of 104 in a Jan test, and Rachel from Toongabbie got 103 out of 106 in Feb, both only lost 3 points in the test, well done and congrats!

Laurice you are a Miracle!–25 hours all up

Are 25 hours of training from new a lot ? Not really, the younger ones are talking about 120 hours.

Laurice did 14 lessons of training in this school, plus a couple more hours of home training, thats what it took Laurice to get the license!

Oh, don’t forget, Laurice is one of the top golfers  in Sydney, and she has top golf coach and driving coach too!


Thank you Will you are the best!

I passed my driving test today and I still can’t believe it!

Before joining auto1 Driving School, I have never believed that I would one day get my P, at least not the 1st go. I overheard how difficult it is from people around.

I have been with 3 instructors in total and Will is simply the best. I just wish that I could have joined this school from the beginning.

Will has always been calm, patient, humourous and encouraging. His teaching is easy to undertand and the quality is high. The lessons are well prepared to my level and thats why I can progress fast.

I’d certainly recommend them to all the people I know. Thank you so much again!

Our School Holiday from 24/12/2011–2/01/2012

We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Drive safely as always.

Can anyone beat that?– 99% (100 out of 101) in driving test!

    The birth day present just in time — Leni’s birthday is the coming Sat, yes the Christmas Eve!

So what can be a better present? Look at her big smile…

Also, anyone wants to beat that has to be the full mark, this is really a record of our school, too hard   to be broken!

Congratulations to Leni!