Our School Holiday from 24/12/2011–2/01/2012

We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Drive safely as always.

Can anyone beat that?– 99% (100 out of 101) in driving test!

    The birth day present just in time — Leni’s birthday is the coming Sat, yes the Christmas Eve!

So what can be a better present? Look at her big smile…

Also, anyone wants to beat that has to be the full mark, this is really a record of our school, too hard   to be broken!

Congratulations to Leni!

Last Minute Christmas Shopping–buy a lesson or 2 for your loved ones!

You can’t put a price tag on the safety of your loved ones, so buy them driving lessons.

We now accept paypal, click on this link and get it straight away with paypal, or do it via bank deposit: http://auto1driving.com.au/packages.html

The quality professional driving education, will beneft their WHOLE LIFE, not something being recycled after Christmas!

Congrats to Sandeep, what a Christmas Gift!

Driving Test Winner

Sandeep wanted to share his joy with more people, the freedom meant so much to him!

Congrats to our 1st Principal Award Winner–97.3% (107 out of 110) in Driving Test!

Today is one of my happiest day in life! May I share  why.

Michael from Sydney passed the driving test at 97.3% (107 out of 110) earlier today at Silverwater RTA. If you know so many people out there trying so hard but failed to get the 90% passmark, you know what a great achievement this is! Put it this way, his instructor only got 95% in the same standard test, and I don’t think the RTA test officer can get this score for himself…Michael has to be the best driver in his suburb!

How he got this? No secret, its hours of dedicated training with a great driving school. His loving family also played an important role in the 120 hour training.

I may be biased but I am certainly over the moon!

The tricky yellow light

Some people failed the driving test because of “running the yellow”, and I almost failed my own test stopping for the yellow light, so what on earth is the rule?

Well the text book says: Stop if safe to do so. This is how I see it:

1) Stop, if you can stop BEFORE the line, WITHOUT any vehicle tracing your tail closely

2) Go, if you are already over the line, or even you stop you are over or outside the line, or a vehicle tracing your tail closely

Let me explain why stopping over the line may fail your test. In my case, I saw the yellow light when approaching the line, so I stopped, but over the pedestrian line. The test guy told me, if there was any pedestrian crossing, I could fail my test for “creating a dangerous situation” for the pedestrians. But fortunately there was no one around, so he gave me a pass.

I hope this tip can help you make the decision easier.

Tips to get the lisence faster

Most people wanted their lisence yesterday, so here are some tips to help:

1) take notes after every lesson so you can go back to it anytime

2) practice WHAT YOU LEARNT between lessons, most of driving things you can’t get it until you drive a lot

3) do a little mind game (close  your eyes) and “drive” in your mind”

Stop Sign is too easy, or is it?

Well Stop sign is obviously no rocket science, if you completely stop within 1 metre before the line, you are safe in test or in real life.

Still many people failed at stop signs, the main things are:

1) did not see a Stop Sign–even no sign there, the solid line in front of you is a “stop sign”!

2) did not stop COMPLETELY, using rolling very slowly a a ‘stop’, it is not.

Its amazing how much efforts we put into out training to correct this. so lets make it simple:

completely stop within 1 metre  before the line.

How difficult is this? All the best from Auto1 Driving School.

Why beat yr baby up for not walking properly? Stop abusing learners!

If you wouldn’t beat your baby up for not walking properly, why then abuse the learners?? How come some drivers on the road, hit the horn hard and yell to our learners?

I don’t get it.

Are you good? vs. How much?

We often get calls starting with “how much per lesson”?, which is very understandable. We know spending is important for families.

However, if you ask me, I’d suggest you start with “Are you good”? If not sure if this instructor is good, don’t even bother asking his/her price.

Make sense? more tips here: http://www.auto1driving.com.au/blog/?p=77

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