How to choose a new car in 2017?

How to choose a new car in 2017?

Silverwater P test one go 96% in the rain

Congratulations to Sean for such an outstanding achievement in the rain!

So at T sections, we give way to the right, right???

Well, because of this confusion, I was hit before Christmas which caused only cosmetic damage to the car(I was fine thank God!) , and was ALMOST hit for another 3 times during my own driving, including this morning.

I feel so sorry that a good number of drivers were not trained properly. So I am fed up enough, and hopefully in a very short blog I can cast this dangerous confusion away forever!

The T section give way is very simple, that is, the “lower T” to give way to the “upper T”. You will need to give way to left and right if you are turning right from the lower T.

“Give way to the right” is mainly used for roundabouts, please don’t use it everywhere!

The official version is:



Just wanna tell you the good news

Just wanna tell you the good news. Sheema got passed her Driving test rite now on the first attempt. we are at RTA Blacktown.. Just wanna THANK YOU big time for all your help. ☺

Useful tips after P license: how to test drive a new car

How to test drive a new car

This week we have two passes in Ryde and Blacktown

Congrats to Michael and Maria!

Another clean pass at castle hill!

How do I know I am ready for P test or not?

If you passed our mock tests twice or more, we will see you ready for P test.

If not, just keep working on the “to do list” given by the coach until you can pass mock test comfortably.

62 Year Old 1st go pass at Castle Hill 95%!

I passed. We went on the same route…

I passed! We went on the same route you took me the 2nd time. Only mistake was my seating arrangement