Wounds from accident healed from P test success



I have been trying to learn driving for a long time. I also tried couple of driving school and after having an accident everything changed for me. Even though the accident was not major, the damage it caused me emotionally was a lot. I completely lost confidence and had a deep fear while driving. I always worked and live near public transportation and always had someone to drive me around most of the time so I didn’t have that urgency and hence was always put it off.

But I also hated the feeling of being dependent and after having my son, I made up my mind that I have to get this done.

Friend of mine suggested and made me believe that I can trust Auto One Driving School. I started my class with Will and from the very first class he started teaching me every driving technique and along the way made me believe that I can actually drive and that too without any fear. Will is very professional and has a complete ability to teach you drive safely no matter what baggage you come with.

I slowly gained my confidence back and he made me ready for the test.

I passed my test in one go and I can proudly say that “I Can Drive.” I now feel a completely independent woman.

Thank you, Will. This simply wouldn’t have been possible without your driving lessons.


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