News Update

RTA now becomes RMS

RTA has changed its name to RMS (Road and Maritime Services) recently, while the RTA web site still working. In a matter of months, RTA will become history.

Our 1st Female Principal Award Winner–97% in 1 go!

Our 1st Female Principal Award Winner–97% in 1 go!

who said girls are worse drivers? Hours of fears, struggles, excitement, disappointment…all came to triumph for Janice. Now she knows, she is a much better driver for life! Look at her big smile…

Another Principal Award Winner–100 out of 103 in driving test!

Congrats to Abir who passed the driving test in one go today at Blacktowm RTA,scored 100 out of 103. Hours of dedicated training paid off in one go!

The NEW Yaris joins the school!

The brand new latest shape Yaris is introduced into the fleet, and loved by students in the 1st week trial. They are all saying its smooth and easy to control. This is just part of our efforts to provide the [...]

Our School Holiday from 24/12/2011–2/01/2012

We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Drive safely as always.

Can anyone beat that?– 99% (100 out of 101) in driving test!

Can anyone beat that?– 99% (100 out of 101) in driving test!

    The birth day present just in time — Leni’s birthday is the coming Sat, yes the Christmas Eve! So what can be a better present? Look at her big smile… Also, anyone wants to beat that has to be [...]

Last Minute Christmas Shopping–buy a lesson or 2 for your loved ones!

You can’t put a price tag on the safety of your loved ones, so buy them driving lessons. We now accept paypal, click on this link and get it straight away with paypal, or do it via bank deposit: [...]

Congrats to our 1st Principal Award Winner–97.3% (107 out of 110) in Driving Test!

Today is one of my happiest day in life! May I share  why. Michael from Sydney passed the driving test at 97.3% (107 out of 110) earlier today at Silverwater RTA. If you know so many people out there trying [...]

RTA will become RMS

NSW Roads and Maritime Service(RMS), will soon be introduced replacing the existing RTA. Stay tuned for more updates.

Get your licence for Xmas shopping and holiday!

Well its always nice to get a licence to drive to shopping, or to the beaches or mountains… Does it sound good? Then  you need to act now. Book your RTA test, book your driving lessons, NOW, coz it takes [...]