News Update

Happy Day!

Congrats to Harry who passed yesterday at silverwater, and got a 95%. On top of that, the test lady praised him that “I wish all the learners are like you, you did so well”! In fact, he got full marks [...]

Get the good old packages before 30 June!

After 1 July 2012, we will see many price rises, including 20% increase of energy. To cope with the inflation, from 1 of July, we will have to put the prices slight up too, so we can buy the same food on the [...]

Congrats to Dana and Tracy

Dana and Tracy got their freedom after the driving test on Monday, congratulations!

New “SiteLock” Security added to our web site

So its much safer to browse and purchase lessons on our web site

New Packages go live–maybe one fits you

Please check them out here:

Free Lessons…for the poor

We certainly feel the pain of the disadvantaged families in regards to their hope of getting a driving license, it does not look bright does it? Someone said “Blessed to be a blessing”, that’s who we are! So if you believe that [...]

5th Principal Award Winner–best test score in rain!

5th Principal Award Winner–best test score in rain!

James from North Rocks passed his driving test in Blacktown today in the rain and got 97% (101 out of 104), and becomes our 5th Principal Award Winner–our best test score in rain! He has been saying “You are such [...]

Our 1st FULL MARK student in driving test!!!

Srisuda (please click to listen to her happy voice) Wow! we got our 1st full mark student last Fri 13/4/2012, what a day to remember! I am sure more to come this year…      

Who is up for $100 CASH prize?

We have a new goal for 2012, that is, to teach at least one full mark student in RTA (RMS) driving test! So $100 cash is up for grab if you are our student and you get full mark in [...]

RTA now becomes RMS

RTA has changed its name to RMS (Road and Maritime Services) recently, while the RTA web site still working. In a matter of months, RTA will become history.