Driving Tips

Please do not test new methods in Driving Test (P test)

Driving test is where we show our proven driving skills to achieve required safety level in daily driving. If we have any new ideas that we want to test out, it should be done before the test, so the instructor [...]

Born again in driving!

Born again in driving!

Simply look at his mock test score yesterday and today’s score, he is like a different person in driving, in between is a simple but powerful prayer!  

How to overcome chronic excessive driving fears?

What if my excessive (more than necessary) driving fears are evident? Here are some tips summarised from our successful cases, hopefully they can help you walk through the dark tunnel like other winners: 1) You must admit that there is [...]

So at T sections, we give way to the right, right???

So at T sections, we give way to the right, right???

Well, because of this confusion, I was hit before Christmas which caused only cosmetic damage to the car(I was fine thank God!) , and was ALMOST hit for another 3 times during my own driving, including this morning. I feel [...]

How do I know I am ready for P test or not?

If you passed our mock tests twice or more, we will see you ready for P test. If not, just keep working on the “to do list” given by the coach until you can pass mock test comfortably.

Do I have chronic excessive driving fears?

Almost everyone I know has some sort of driving fears. Even for me, after nearly 30 years of safe driving, and a few years as driving instructor, I still feel nervous if I am driving next to a big noisy [...]

Are you doing “imaginary driving”?

“Imaginary Driving”, is the word I made up, in contrast to “Factual Driving” — the correct way of driving. Why I made this term up, is that I found  a number of learners “driving”, were based on imaginations, e.g. in [...]

Driving is not memorising only

I recently found a couple of students driving the car like memorising the text book, it looked OK initially until another car did not follow the “text book”. So I have to advise anyone who wants to drive well, yes [...]

Before P test, driving from point A to B with family/friends, might not be a good idea

What triggered me to write about this, is that there were a few students, at their final stage of training when preparing for the P test, their bad habits were stubborn, their mock test scores were  not going up, even [...]

SPEED is almost the only language in changing lanes

First we signal and maintain our SPEED to let other people know that I want to change lane; Then after about 3-5 seconds, the vehicles in the other lane use their SPEED to talk to us, either speed up (no), [...]