How to choose a new car in 2017?

How to choose a new car in 2017?

Useful tips after P license: how to test drive a new car

How to test drive a new car

First pass in the 3day new car, 100%!!!

First pass in the 3day new car, 100%!!!

Congratulations to Kate to be the 7th full mark student, but the first one in the new Prius c, what a good start!  

Mason retrieved the ball and tried again

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no rice rolls

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They were normal growing children

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A big thank you!

A big thank you!

Finally I got it!!! I can’t thank enough to the best instructor I ever came across… I have been trying to get my license for past two years and came across many driving instructors.. Some were cheap and some not [...]

2 school records in one go!

Conratulations to Mia for creating two school records today: 1) our first Indegenous student 2) the most brave student who did the test at 8.30am and passed it one go!

Mother of two passed the P test one go 98%

Congratulations to Priti!

Thank you for help and support

Dear Will and Tracey, I don’t have enough words to describe how grateful I am for helping me to pass from the 1st go my driving test today with 95% score at Blacktown RTA!:) To Tracey – for her exceptional [...]