Paid $15,000 for a FREE lesson

True story…one of my friends, got a very kind offer from her friend,  that he could help her learn driving in his car, a sweet start. In the 1st lesson, my learner friend, although under “supervision” from her friend who [...]

Not every RTA Test Centre is equal

Well I just got a call this morning from a new student, planning to do his driving test in a certain RTA centre. I asked him if there was any particular reason that he wanted to do his test there, [...]

Which way do I steer when reversing?

I know its confusing enough…so let me make it simple and easy: If the rear of your car going LEFT, then steer to LEFT; If the rear of your car going RIGHT, then steer RIGHT.  

Reverse Parallel Parking as Easy as 1-2-3

Most learner drivers (and even some full licencees) see Reverse Parallel Parking as hard as climbing Mt Everest. I have been using this approach to teach students and all of them can do it in the first lesson, they are [...]

How driving test can fail easy

My son just told me, one of his friends booked the driving test yesterday, planning to past it, then drives by himself to high school formal today. But, one of his car’s indicator lights did not work, so he failed [...]

a Canadian pension fund manager

Berkley Brown skis north of Toronto at the Beaver Valley Ski Club in the winters, and she placed second provincially for her age group last season. After work on the 360 degree spin off a jump into a large airbag, [...]