Congrats to Ruchira for passing P test one go in the rain

Congrats to Haritha, Vicient and Bibi for passing P test

Congrats to Linda!

Please do not test new methods in Driving Test (P test)

Driving test is where we show our proven driving skills to achieve required safety level in daily driving. If we have any new ideas that we want to test out, it should be done before the test, so the instructor may evaluate its feasibility.

Trying a brand new driving method that you never shown to instructor is not a good idea. For this reason, one of our students failed the test. I want to share the case here to alert all students. Please keep the ways of driving you did in previous lessons and mock tests, do not change your way of driving in the driving test due to stress/pressure etc.

Our school will be closed between 17/1 to 26/1 for holiday

During this period our responses would be slower than usual and we would like to thank you for your patience. School will be re-open on Saturday 27th off Jan.

First test in New Year, 100% full mark, what a great start!

Congratulations to Wanda from Parramatta!

Three people passed 1st go this week, Merry Christmas!

Congratulations to Susan from Parramatta, Nerses from Ryde, and Sahara from Kellyville!


Congrats to Belinda who did it at Silverwater yesterday!

Couple both achieved Hall of Fame — 95%+ one go!

Two students passed one go today at Hills & MQ

Congratulations to Abhay and Dalia!